Open Burning

Please visit the KY Division of Air Quality website

Also see the KY Division of Forestry and the Open Burning Laws

Outdoor Burning FAQ

What does the term "fire season" mean and when is it?

- In Kentucky, we have two official fire hazard seasons as established by the state legislature in KRS. 149.400. The fire seasons run from February 15 - April 30 and October 1- December 15.


What is the "6 p.m. burning law?"

- During the official fire seasons, (February 15 - April 30 and October 1 - December 15) as outlined in KRS. 149.400, "it shall be unlawful for any person to set fire to, or procure another to set fire to any flammable material capable of spreading fire, located in or within one hundred fifty (150') of any woodland or brushland, except between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., prevailing local time, or when the ground is covered with snow".


Do I have to notify someone before I do any outdoor burning?

- The public is asked to notify the Warren County Fire Dispatch center before conducting outdoor burning, by calling 393-4000. You will be asked for the address of the burn and a return phone number. This will prevent the Fire Department being dispatched to the fire in the event that a passerby calls in the fire.  Remember however that  The Kentucky Division for Air Quality and the Kentucky Division of Waste Management regulate outdoor burning. Any questions regarding what can and cannot be legally burned should be directed to them. 

Am I allowed to burn my trash?
- No. It is illegal to burn garbage or ANY other material, except natural plant matter, such as brush and woody debris.  Burning tires, carpet, construction debris or any non plant material is forbidden by law.


What are the penalties for violating the "6 p.m. burning law?"

-The penalties for violating the "6 p.m. burning law" are not less than $100 nor more than $500, imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, or both fine and imprisonment.


Whom do I call if I see a forest fire?  

- Call 911 and report details of the fire such as the location of the fire, the size of the fire and whether or not the fire is nearing any structures. 


How can I report someone setting a fire?

- To report someone setting a fire (arson), you may call your local law enforcement agency, the Kentucky Division of Forestry or the Kentucky State Police. You may also call Target Arson at 1-(800)-27-ARSON. Information that leads to an arrest and indictment makes the caller eligible for an award of up to $1,000


When is it safe to burn outdoors?
- Of course, first you must comply with the Fire Season restrictions outlined above. Burn only when winds are calm, when you can stay with the fire for the duration of the burn, and where you have taken precautions to limit spread by ground by cutting or wetting a fire break around the perimeter.

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