Free Smoke Detectors!

Richardsville Fire Department wants every house in our district to have a working smoke detector in every bedroom and the common place in your home such as the living room or a bonus room along with ensure a working smoke detector is on every level of your home. Working smoke alarms really do save lives. Richardsville Fire Department has partnered with The American Red Cross as part of their Home Fire Campaign.

We are offering FREE smoke detectors, replacement batteries, and installation to anyone living within our district. If you don’t have any detectors, the ones you have are not working, or your installed detectors are in excess of 10 years old, simply fill out the short form below and we will get in contact with you to get you scheduled for an install. Again, this service is FREE to anyone within our district regardless of financial status. If you don’t think working smoke alarms save lives, check out the short video below.

**Note** We must be the ones to install the devices and are not able to give them out for self installation due to guidelines within the program.